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Question 1: Since the early years of the seventeenth century, the Scottish Church had been established on the same Episcopalian basis as its English cousin, but was far more ________, both in doctrine and practice.
English ReformationPilgrim (Plymouth Colony)EnglandPuritan

Question 2: At the suggestion of the ________ it appointed a committee known as the Tables to negotiate with the Privy Council.
Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal ServiceSolicitor General for ScotlandScots lawLord Advocate

Question 3: Around 1787, ________ named his mare after Jenny Geddes and wrote amusingly of this faithful horse.
Mary ShelleyGeorge Gordon Byron, 6th Baron ByronRobert BurnsSamuel Taylor Coleridge

Question 4: The act is reputed to have sparked the riot which led to the Wars of the Three Kingdoms, which included the ________.
English Civil WarEnglish ReformationEnglandEnglish people

Question 5: In 1633 King Charles I came to St Giles' to have his Scottish coronation service, using the full Anglican rites, accompanied by ________, his new Archbishop of Canterbury.
Edmund GrindalMellitusWilliam LaudDunstan


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