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Jeffersonian democracy: Quiz


Question 1: The core political value of America is representative democracy; citizens have a civic duty to aid the state and resist corruption, especially ________ and aristocracy.
MonarchismMonarchyConstitutional monarchyItaly

Question 2: ________ and the press is the best method to prevent the tyranny of the people by their own government.
Freedom of informationFreedom of speechFreedom of thoughtHuman rights

Question 3: Jeffersonian ________ is the set of political goals that were named after Thomas Jefferson.
DemocracyJohn LockeGottfried LeibnizAuthoritarianism

Question 4: It is contrasted with ________, which dominated the next political era.
John Quincy AdamsJacksonian democracyAndrew JacksonWhig Party (United States)

Question 5: The most prominent spokesmen included Thomas Jefferson, ________, John Randolph of Roanoke, and Nathaniel Macon.
Richard RushWilliam H. CrawfordAlbert GallatinJames Monroe

Question 6: The yeoman farmer best exemplifies ________ and independence from corrupting city influences; government policy should be for his benefit.
Civic virtuePlatoDemocracyRepublicanism


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