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Jeet Kune Do: Quiz


Question 1: [3] Many consider Jeet Kune Do to be the precursor of MMA because of its ________ nature.

Question 2: The ________ Lee borrowed from Chan Buddhism was of constantly filling a cup with water, and then emptying it, used for describing Lee's philosophy of "casting off what is useless".

Question 3:
Where does Jeet Kune Do come from?

Question 4:
Who out of the following people is credited as a creator of Jeet Kune Do?

Question 5: The "do" arts such as Judo were thus seen as a "watered down" version of their "jutsu" counterparts such as ________, a combat-tested martial art, and thus considered a sport.
Martial artsBrazilian Jiu-JitsuJujutsuAikido

Question 6: Bruce Lee studied the martial arts style of Wing Chun and was a student of Yip Man in ________.
PhilippinesUnited StatesHong KongMacau

Question 7: ________ / Li Xiaolong (李小龍)
Bruce LeeYip ManBrandon LeeJeet Kune Do

Question 8: JKD students reject traditional systems of training, fighting styles and the ________ pedagogy used in traditional kung fu schools because of this lack of flexibility.
ConfuciusChinese philosophyConfucianismHan Dynasty

Question 9: ________ / Huang Feihong (黃飛鴻)
Hong Kong action cinemaWong Fei HungChinese martial artsBruce Lee

Question 10: ________ / Ye Wen (葉問)
Bruce LeeLee Hoi-chuenYip ManJeet Kune Do


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