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Jean Miélot: Quiz


Question 1: Les quattres choses derrenieres, translation of Cordiale quattuor novissimorum, later printed in Bruges by ________ and Colard Mansion in about 1475.
LondonEnglandWilliam CaxtonGeoffrey Chaucer

Question 2: [1] He also served as ________ to Louis of Luxembourg, Count of St. Pol from 1468, after Philip's death.
Military ChaplainUnited KingdomChaplainUnited States

Question 3: [5] As a priest and as an employee of the court he would have been exempt from ________ regulations, which was probably an advantage to his career.
CapitalismGuildFree marketTrade union

Question 4: [9] The presentation portrait to La controverse de noblesse, a year later, shows him with a clerical ________.
Catholic ChurchChristianityTonsureBishop

Question 5: [6] He seems to have had lodgings in the palace, which are perhaps realistically shown in a miniature in Brussels,[7] and also to have run a workshop of scribes in ________.
CambraiVilleneuve d'AscqValenciennesLille

Question 6: Le Débat d'honneur from the Italian of Giovanni Aurispa, a version of "Comparatio Hannibalis, Scipionis et Alexandri, ________'s Twelfth Dialogue of the Dead.

Question 7: ________'s letter to his brother on the duties of a governor - Philip presented this to his son Charles the Rash
CiceroJulius CaesarPompeyMark Antony

Question 8: [2] He was mainly employed in the production of de luxe ________ for Philip's library.
PigmentMedieval artEnglandIlluminated manuscript

Question 9: After the Feast of the Pheasant in 1454, an enthusiasm in the Court to revive the ________ led to commissions to translate travel books about the Middle East.
East–West SchismFirst seven Ecumenical CouncilsCrusadesCounter-Reformation

Question 10: Miélot's minute for his Le Miroir de l'Humaine Salvation survives in the Bibliothèque Royale Albert I in ________, which includes two self-portraits of him richly dressed as a layman.


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