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Question 1: In 1825, Itard was credited with describing the first case of ________ in Marquise de Dampierre, a woman of nobility.
Asperger syndromeTic disorderTourette syndromeMajor depressive disorder

Question 2: Numbness in the tympanic membrane during ________ is referred to as the "Itard-Cholewa Symptom".
Labyrinthine fistulaMénière's diseaseTinnitusOtosclerosis

Question 3: Here he described ________ in 1803; his teacher would provide a fuller description of the condition in 1819.
Pleural diseasePneumomediastinumPneumothoraxRespiratory disease

Question 4: Jean Marc Gaspard Itard (April 24, 1774, Oraison, ________ – July 5, 1838) was a French physician born in Provence.

Question 5: He was also an educator of deaf children, and tried his educational theories in the celebrated case of ________.
Noble savageJean-Jacques RousseauFeral childVictor of Aveyron


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