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Jean Genet: Quiz


Question 1:
What did Jean Genet do for a living?
Novelist, Dramatist, Political Activist
Novelist, lepidopterist, professor
Jam manufacturer

Question 2:
How is Jean Genet described?
Novelist, Dramatist, Political Activist
career officer with the U.S. Army through three wars
United States Navy Navy Cross recipient
King of Northumbria

Question 3:
Where was Jean Genet born?
Hu00F4tel de Soissons, Paris, France
Paris, France
St. Paris, Champaign County, Ohio
Hu00F4tel de Conti, Paris, France

Question 4:
When did Jean Genet die?
October 1986

Question 5:
When was Jean Genet born?

Question 6: Later the same year he spent six months in Palestinian refugee camps, secretly meeting ________ near Amman.
Yasser ArafatMenachem BeginFatahPalestine Liberation Organization

Question 7:
Where did Jean Genet die?
Paris, France
Lau00EBnnec charity hospital, Paris, French Fourth Republic
Passy, Paris
Hu00F4tel de Toulouse, Paris, France

Question 8: The Blacks was, after ________, the second of Genet's plays to be staged in New York.
The ScreensJean GenetDramaThe Balcony

Question 9: He celebrates a beauty in ________, emphasizes his singularity, raises violent criminals to icons, and enjoys the specificity of gay gesture and coding and the depiction of scenes of betrayal.
PhilosophyEvilChristian philosophyJewish philosophy

Question 10: It starred ________ with the screenplay written by Marguerite Duras.
Jeanne MoreauJuliette BinocheCatherine DeneuveIsabelle Huppert

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