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Jean-Luc Nancy: Quiz


Question 1: He underwent a ________ and his recovery was made more difficult by a long-term fight with cancer.
ICD-9-CM Volume 3Heart transplantationOrgan transplantSurgery

Question 2: Jean-Luc Nancy (born July 26, 1940, ________) is a French philosopher.
VersaillesParisÉvry, EssonneMarseille

Question 3: The five essays that follow the title piece continue to develop Nancy’s philosophy through discussions of sovereignty, war and technology, identity, the ________ and Sarajevo.
Six-Day War2006 Lebanon WarGulf WarYom Kippur War

Question 4: In this essay, Nancy looks for a different conception of ________ where painting is not a representation of the empirical world, but a presentation of the world, of sense, or of existence.
ModernismSymbolism (arts)PaintingRomanticism

Question 5: He has been invited as a cultural delegate of the French Ministry of External Affairs to speak in ________, Britain and the United States.
BalkansEastern EuropeCentral EuropeWestern Europe

Question 6: Nancy has written about the filmmaker ________ and featured prominently in the film The Ister.
Close-Up (film)Ten (film)Abbas KiarostamiThe Wind Will Carry Us

Question 7: Among the essays in The Muses is a piece on ________, originally a lecture given at the Louvre.
John the Baptist (Caravaggio)CaravaggioYoung Sick BacchusAmor Vincit Omnia (Caravaggio)

Question 8: He taught for a short while in ________ before becoming an assistant at the Strasbourg Institut de Philosophie in 1968.

Question 9: Nancy has published books on film and music, as well as texts on the problem of representation, on the statute of literature, on image and violence, and on the work of On Kawara, ________, and Friedrich Hölderlin.
Charles BaudelaireVictor HugoThéophile GautierFrench poetry

Question 10: Major influences include Jacques Derrida, Georges Bataille, Maurice Blanchot and ________.
ExistentialismImmanuel KantGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelFriedrich Nietzsche


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