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Question 1: His father, Jean-Etienne Etienne Say, was of Protestant family which had moved from Nîmes to Geneva for some time in consequence of the revocation of the ________.
HuguenotFreedom of religionFrench Wars of ReligionEdict of Nantes

Question 2: He had classically liberal views and argued in favour of ________, free trade, and lifting restraints on business.
Competition (economics)HumanEconomicsCompetition

Question 3: The exact phrase "supply creates its own demand" was coined by ________, who criticized it, but this characterization is disputed as a misrepresentation by some advocates of Say's law.
Keynesian economicsJohn Maynard KeynesMilton FriedmanFriedrich von Hayek

Question 4: As an interesting conjecture, Say's Law may have been culled from ________ 5:11 — "As goods increase, so do those who consume them.
Deuterocanonical booksBiblePsalmsEcclesiastes

Question 5: "Aggregate supply creates its own ________",
Aggregate demandKeynesian economicsInflationReal versus nominal value (economics)

Question 6: The Scottish classical economist ________ restates Say's Law in 1808, writing that "production of commodities creates, and is the one and universal cause which creates a market for the commodities produced."[2]
James MillJohn Stuart MillJeremy BenthamBernard Mandeville

Question 7: [1] Similar sentiments, though different wordings, appear in the work of ________ (1848) and his father, James Mill (1808).
PlatoJohn Stuart MillJeremy BenthamImmanuel Kant

Question 8: From 1794 to 1800 Say edited a periodical entitled La Decade philosophique, litteraire, et politique, in which he expounded the doctrines of ________.
Immanuel KantAdam SmithDavid HumeJeremy Bentham


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