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Question 1: Seeing his friend's plight, Lord ________, Arjuna's charioteer, sent his Sudarshana Chakra to mask the sun, creating a solar eclipse and thus faking a sunset.
Bhagavad GitaVyasaBalaramaKrishna

Question 2: After ________ chases and captures him alive, Jayadratha is saved from death by Yudhisthira, who takes him as his slave.

Question 3: Jayadratha insults ________, the wife of the Pandavas, by attempting to abduct her and forcibly marry her.

Question 4: After the war, ________ fights with the Sindhu army when it refuses to honour Yudhisthira as the World emperor.
MahabharataArjunaBhagavad GitaDurvasa

Question 5: Jayadratha sides with ________ in the Kurukshetra War, using his boon to stop the Pandava brothers from entering the near-impenetrable Chakra Vyuha battle formation.

Question 6: When Arjuna's son ________ enters the formation, depending solely upon the support of the army to get out, he is trapped inside and brutally murdered.

Question 7: In the epic Mahābhārata, Jayadratha (Sanskrit: जयद्रथ) is the king of ________ (so he is also called as Saindhava).
Madra KingdomSivi KingdomSindhu KingdomSauvira Kingdom

Question 8: Instead, Shiva grants Jayadratha the power to hold the Pandava brothers at bay for one day in battle - except for ________ who was protected by Lord Krishna.
ArjunaMahabharataBhagavad GitaDurvasa

Question 9: ________ blames Jayadratha for Abhimanyu's death, and vows to kill him the next day.
Bhagavad GitaDurvasaArjunaMahabharata

Question 10: Desiring to avenge this humiliation, Jayadratha performs a tapasya to please ________.


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