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Jayadeva: Quiz


Question 1: He was born to an ________ family in a village called Kenduli Sasan in Orissa.
West BengalAndhra PradeshUtkala BrahminIndia

Question 2: It mentions Jayadeva as excelling in the Shastras and the ________ from early childhood.
Bhagavata PuranaBhavishya PuranaPuranasAgni Purana

Question 3: Kenduli Sasan is a village near the famous temple city of ________.

Question 4: Prachi valley has a long history of worshipping Madhava, another name for ________.
BalaramaKrishnaBhagavad GitaVyasa

Question 5: Two hymns composed by Jayadeva have been incorporated in the ________, the holy book of the Sikh religion.
SikhismGuru Granth SahibDasven Padshah Da GranthSikh scriptures

Question 6: Jayadeva (Oriya: ଜୟେଦବ) (Sanskrit: जयदेव) was a Sanskrit poet, who lived in what is now ________, circa 1200 AD.
BhubaneswarOrissaIndiaOriya culture

Question 7: From temple inscriptions it is now known that Jayadeva received his education in Sanskrit poetry from a place called Kurmapataka, possibly near ________ in Orissa.
PuriKonarkPuri districtNimapada

Question 8: He is most known for his composition, the epic poem Gita Govinda, which depicts the divine love of the Hindu deity Krishna and his consort, Radha, and is considered an important text in the ________ movement of Hinduism [1].
SamadhiJnana yogaBhagavad GitaBhakti


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