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Jay Ward: Quiz


Question 1:
What role did Jay Ward play in the movie Stop, Look and Love?
Dick Grant
Joe Haller
Willie Haller

Question 2:
What role did Jay Ward play in the telemovie Harrigan's Kid?
Benny McNeil

Question 3: Ward fought many heated battles over content with the network and sponsor, but had little fear of ________ or lawsuits.
CensorshipPolitical censorshipInternet censorshipEuphemism

Question 4:
What role did Jay Ward play in the videomovie In Spite of Danger?
Tommy Sullivan
Monk Grady
Steve Lynch
Bob Crane

Question 5:
What role did Jay Ward play in the movie Hold That Girl?
Tom Mallory
Barney Sullivan

Question 6: Adopting a serialized, mock-________ format, the series followed the adventures of Crusader and his dimwitted sidekick Rags the Tiger.

Question 7: It skewered popular culture mercilessly, taking on such subjects as advertising, college sports, the ________, and television itself.
Vietnam WarJoseph StalinCentral Intelligence AgencyCold War

Question 8: Jay Ward at the ________
Internet Movie DatabaseAmazon.comCDNOWBox Office Mojo

Question 9: Ward produced the non-animated series Fractured Flickers that featured comedy redubbing of ________.
D. W. GriffithSilent filmSound filmCharlie Chaplin

Question 10: J Troplong "Jay" Ward (September 20, 1920 – October 12, 1989) was an American creator and producer of ________ television cartoons.
Traditional animationStop motionAnimated cartoonAnimation

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