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Javert: Quiz


Question 1:
What role did Javert play in the movie Rigadin veut dormir tranquille?

Question 2: He moves to Montreuil-sur-Mer, a small seaside town in the North of ________ assumes the name of Monsieur Madeleine and becomes a manufacturer and later Mayor of the town.
FranceCanadaUnited KingdomItaly

Question 3: For someone with prior convictions, breaking a bough of apples from someone's tree would in fact constitute an act of ________, which would merit life in prison.
Rehabilitation (penology)Corporate crimePenologyRecidivism

Question 4: Javert is initially an assistant to a guard, in the book Les Misérables (adjutant garde-chiourme) in Toulon quarries where ________ is imprisoned.
FantineCosette Tholomy√®sJean Valjean√Čponine Th√©nardier

Question 5: Javert was born inside a prison, the son of a ________ (tireuse de cartes) and galley slave.
Fortune-tellingAstrologyDivinationFeng shui

Question 6: He breaks up a street fight between two men, one of whom is M. Thénardier, who was fighting the other man out of resenment for his taking ________ all those years before.
Les Mis√©rablesCosette Tholomy√®s√Čponine Th√©nardierJean Valjean

Question 7: Javert finally decides to denounce Valjean as an ex-convict after Valjean frees ________, a prostitute detained by Javert for having a violent row with a street idler.
Les Misérables (musical)FantineLes MisérablesJean Valjean

Question 8: Javert is clearly regarded as the main antagonist to ________, the novel's protagonist.
Cosette TholomyèsFantineLes MisérablesJean Valjean

Question 9: Javert (French pronunciation: [ íav…õ Ā]) is a fictional character from the novel Les Mis√©rables by ________.
Alphonse de LamartineFrançois-René de ChateaubriandVictor HugoJohann Wolfgang von Goethe

Question 10: He is a policeman and prison guard who devotes his life to the ________.
LawXeerScots lawSharia

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