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Question 1: ________ grave excavations have revealed a large number of spears and spearheads among the funerary offerings.
DenmarkScandinaviaVikingViking Age

Question 2: The Velites were light infantry armed with a short sword (the ________ or pugio), a small round shield and several small javelins.
GladiusRoman military personal equipmentRoman NavyAncient Rome

Question 3: When the god ________ began to have prophetic dreams of his own death, his mother Frigg extracted an oath from all things in nature not to harm him.
BaldrHöðrThorNorse mythology

Question 4: The Peltasts hurled their javelins at the enemy's heavier troops, the ________ phalanx, in order to break their lines so that their own army's hoplites could destroy the weakened enemy formation.
Greco-Persian WarsHopliteAncient Greek warfareAncient Greece

Question 5: The frontal centre of gravity suggests that these ________ were used as javelins.
SpearPike (weapon)NaginataPole weapon

Question 6: The ________ word for javelin was frakka.
Germanic languagesOld Norse morphologyNorth Germanic languagesOld Norse

Question 7: [10] During the final conflict of Ragnarok between the gods and giants, Odin will use Gungnir to attack the wolf ________ before being devoured by him.

Question 8: It is said that Jugurtha, the Numidian king "...took part in the national pursuits of riding, ________ and competed with other young men in running." [Sallust The Jugurthine War: 6].
Long jumpJavelin throwSteeplechase (athletics)Pole vault

Question 9: The word javelin comes from ________ and it derives from Old French javeline, a diminutive of javelot which meant spear.
Old NorseOld EnglishGreat Vowel ShiftMiddle English

Question 10: In the flag of ________ there is a shield and two javelins, which symbolize the protection from the country's enemies.

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