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Question 1: This was before what is now the ________ was made into a specification.
Java Platform, Standard EditionJava Platform, Enterprise EditionJava (programming language)Java (software platform)

Question 2: Starting with version 2.3, the servlet specification was developed under the ________.
Java version historyJava Platform, Micro EditionJava (programming language)Java Community Process

Question 3: The package javax.servlet.http defines ________-specific subclasses of the generic servlet elements, including session management objects that track multiple requests and responses between the Web server and a client.
File Transfer ProtocolSecure ShellHypertext Transfer ProtocolInternet Relay Chat

Question 4: Thus, a software developer may use a servlet to add dynamic content to a Web server using the ________.
OpenJDKJava (programming language)Sun MicrosystemsJava (software platform)

Question 5: Servlets can maintain state across many server transactions by using ________, session variables or URL rewriting.
HTTP SecureHypertext Transfer ProtocolXMLHttpRequestHTTP cookie

Question 6: Servlets can be generated automatically by ________ (JSP) compiler, or alternately use template engines such as WebMacro or Apache Velocity to generate HTML.
Java (programming language)Java (software platform)Java ServletJavaServer Pages

Question 7: A Servlet is a ________ which conforms to the Java Servlet API, a protocol by which a Java class may respond to http requests.
Class-based programmingClass (computer science)Object-based languageProgramming paradigm

Question 8: The generated content is commonly ________, but may be other data such as XML.
ECMAScriptHTMLOpenDocumentPortable Document Format

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