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Java Sea: Quiz


Question 1: The ________, during February and March 1942, was one of the costliest naval battles of World War II.
Second Battle of the Java SeaDutch East Indies campaignBattle of the Java SeaBattle of Sunda Strait

Question 2: ________ offers a chance to explore and photograph underwater caverns, wrecks, coral, sponges, and other marine life.
Scuba divingDiving hazards and precautionsRebreatherScuba set

Question 3: It was formed as sea levels rose at the end of the last ________.
Quaternary glaciationIce ageLast glacial periodLittle Ice Age

Question 4: The Thousand Islands are located north of the mainland ________.

Question 5: The area around the Java Sea is a popular ________ destination.
HotelTravel and Tourism Competitiveness ReportWorld Tourism rankingsTourism

Question 6: The naval forces of the Netherlands, Britain, ________, and the U.S.
BarbadosUnited KingdomAustraliaCanada

Question 7: Karimata Strait to its northwest, links it to the ________.
Celebes SeaSouth China SeaTimor SeaJava Sea

Question 8: [1] The Java Sea lies between the Indonesian islands of ________ to the north, Java to the south; Sumatra to the west, and Sulawesi to the east.
BorneoSabahSoutheast AsiaMalaysia


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