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Java Platform, Micro Edition: Quiz


Question 1: This is the platform that ________ is built upon.
Sun MicrosystemsBD-JJava TVXlet

Question 2: Originally developed under the ________ as JSR 68, the different flavors of Java ME have evolved in separate JSRs.
Java Community ProcessJava version historyJava Platform, Micro EditionJava (programming language)

Question 3: The most common of these are the Mobile Information Device Profile aimed at mobile devices, such as cell phones, and the Personal Profile aimed at consumer products and embedded devices like ________ and PDAs.
Set-top boxATSC (standards)Coupon-eligible converter boxBroadcast flag

Question 4: The Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC) contains a strict subset of the Java-class libraries, and is the minimum amount needed for a ________ to operate.
Java Class LibraryJava Virtual MachineJava (software platform)Java (programming language)

Question 5: Java Platform, Micro Edition, or Java ME, is a Java platform designed for mobile devices and ________.
Personal computerEmbedded systemLaptopMicrocontroller

Question 6: Almost all new cell phones come with a MIDP implementation, and it is now the ________ standard for downloadable cell phone games.
United KingdomMoroccoDe factoUnited States

Question 7: Target devices range from industrial controls to ________ and set-top boxes.
4GSmartphoneUniversal Mobile Telecommunications SystemMobile phone

Question 8: The Connected Device Configuration is a subset of ________, containing almost all the libraries that are not GUI related.
Java (programming language)Java Platform, Standard EditionJava version historyJava (software platform)

Question 9: As of 22 December 2006, the Java ME source code is licensed under the ________, and is released under the project name phoneME.
GNOMEGNU Lesser General Public LicenseFree Software FoundationGNU General Public License

Question 10: Java ME was designed by Sun Microsystems, now a subsidiary of ________; the platform replaced a similar technology, PersonalJava.
GoogleOracle CorporationDellIntel Corporation


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