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Java (programming language): Quiz


Question 1:
Who designed Java (programming language)?
Sun Microsystems
Ed Benguiat
Steve Matteson
Vincent Connare

Question 2: ________ (Java ME) — targeting environments with limited resources.
Symbian OSJava (programming language)Java Platform, Micro EditionAndroid (operating system)

Question 3:
What paradigm does Java (programming language) belong to?

Question 4:
What license is Java (programming language) distributed under?
Proprietary with Free Community Edition
GNU General Public License / Java Community Process
Lite - GNU General Public License, Pro - Commercial
Proprietary, with contributions from the community

Question 5:
Java (programming language) influenced who out of the following people?

Question 6: The import statement allows these classes to be referenced in the ________ using the simple class name (i.e.
Source codeAssembly languageProgramming languageEmacs

Question 7: Java applications are typically compiled to bytecode (class file) that can run on any ________ (JVM) regardless of computer architecture.
Java Class LibraryJava (software platform)Java Virtual MachineJava (programming language)

Question 8: Java Web Start, which allows Java applications to be efficiently distributed to end-users across the ________
Internet Relay ChatE-mailInternetWorld Wide Web

Question 9:
Who developed Java (programming language)?
Sun Microsystems in association with the Open Source community
James Gosling & Sun Microsystems
Sun Microsystems in association with the community
Rising Sun Solutions, Inc.

Question 10:

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