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Jassy–Kishinev Offensive (August 1944): Quiz


Question 1: It also forced Romania to switch allegiance from the Axis powers to the ________.
East GermanySoviet UnionRussiaJoseph Stalin

Question 2: The Wehrmacht concentrated most of its forces in Moldavia, leaving only 11,000 troops deployed in the vicinity of ________, with another 25,000 around the Ploieşti oilfields.

Question 3: Almost immediately, a small border war between Romania and Germany's ally ________ erupted over territory that Romania was forced to cede to Hungary in 1940, as a result of the Second Vienna Award.

Question 4: During 1944, the ________ was pressed back along its entire front line in the East.
WehrmachtEastern Front (World War II)Albert KesselringAdolf Hitler

Question 5: ________, who was to become a very important German politician after the war, served with the Panzerregiment of the 13th Panzer Division.
Fritz SchäfferGerhard StoltenbergFranz Josef StraussEdmund Stoiber

Question 6: It only had ________, Sturmgeschütze III and self-propelled anti-tank guns.
Panzer IVPanzer IIIPanzer IIPanzer 35(t)

Question 7: Concurrently, a coup d'état led by King Michael of Romania on 23 August deposed the Romanian leader ________.
Sfarmă-PiatrăCorneliu Zelea CodreanuAdolf HitlerIon Antonescu

Question 8: ________ - Army General Fyodor Tolbukhin
51st ArmyFront (Soviet Army)Red ArmySouthwestern Front (Soviet Union)


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