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Japanese war fan: Quiz


Question 1: ________: In this video game, certain classes in Character Creation Mode can equip war fans.
Soul EdgeSoulcalibur IVSoulcalibur IIISoul (series)

Question 2: One particularly famous legend involving war fans concerns a direct confrontation between ________ and Uesugi Kenshin at the fourth battle of Kawanakajima in 1561.
Tokugawa IeyasuOda NobunagaTakeda ShingenYamamoto Kansuke

Question 3: ________: In recognition of the aforementioned conflict at Kawanakajima, Takeda Shingen wields a dansen uchiwa in the first of this video game series.
Samurai Warriors 2Warriors Orochi 2Samurai WarriorsWarriors Orochi

Question 4: The Yagyū clan, sword instructors to the ________, included tessenjutsu in their swordschool, the Yagyū Shinkage-ryū.
BakumatsuTokugawa shogunateEdo periodTokugawa Yoshinobu

Question 5: ________: In this film one of the samurai is briefly seen practicing with a war fan before the final battle of the movie.
Imperial Japanese ArmyBoshin WarBakumatsuThe Last Samurai

Question 6: ________: In this cartoon show, Yori wields a pair of Tessen in the third season episode "Gorilla Fist."
Kim PossibleThe Emperor's New SchoolThat's So RavenThe Replacements (TV series)

Question 7: ________: In this video game, one of Princess Toadstool's weapons is a War Fan.
Final Fantasy VIPaper MarioSuper Mario RPGMario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

Question 8: ________: Hakuoro, the masked protagonist of Utawarerumono, using it in all battles he participates in as both a tool of command, and as a combat weapon.
UtawarerumonoAdventure gameBishōjo gameMediaWorks (publisher)

Question 9: ________: In the animated series the character Yumi Ishiyama uses war fans as her weapons.
Code Lyoko: Quest for InfinityCode Lyoko (video game)Garage KidsCode Lyoko

Question 10: Araki Murashige is said to have used a tessen to save his life when the great warlord ________ sought to assassinate him.
Oda NobunagaTokugawa IeyasuTakeda ShingenToyotomi Hideyoshi

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