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Question 1: A recent suggestion by Gert van Tonder of Kyoto University and Michael Lyons, of ________, is that the rocks form the subliminal image of a tree.
Kansai UniversityKwansei Gakuin UniversityDoshisha UniversityRitsumeikan University

Question 2: A list of shrines and temples with rock gardens: In ________:

Question 3: Anyo-in Garden of Taisan-ji in Kobe, ________, Japan.
Nara PrefectureGifu PrefectureOsaka PrefectureHyōgo Prefecture

Question 4: A famous Japanese rock garden is at Ryōan-ji in northwest ________, Japan.

Question 5: A small karesansui garden in the Japanese Tea Garden, ________, San Francisco
Mount Davidson, San Francisco, CaliforniaJapantown, San Francisco, CaliforniaNob Hill, San FranciscoGolden Gate Park

Question 6: The rocks represent a mother ________ with her cubs, swimming to a dragon
Gray WolfTigerDholeLion

Question 7: The Japanese rock gardens (枯山水 karesansui ?) or "dry landscape" gardens, often called "Zen gardens" were influenced mainly by ________ and can be found at Zen temples of meditation.
VajrayanaPure Land BuddhismGuan YinZen

Question 8: The gravel represents ocean and the rocks represent the ________ of Japan
Volcanic arcIslandIsthmusCoral reef

Question 9: The rocks form part of the kanji for ________ or mind
Circulatory systemTorsoLymphatic systemHeart

Question 10: A garden style unique to Japan, which appeared in the ________ (1392-1568).
Muromachi periodKamakura periodAzuchi–Momoyama periodEdo period


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