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Question 1: In 1945, with the end of World War II and the collapse of the ________, 200,000 Japanese colonists were stranded north of the 38th parallel; however, they were repatriated to Japan soon after.
Imperial Japanese ArmyShōwa periodImperial Japanese NavyEmpire of Japan

Question 2: Voluntary migration of Japanese to North Korea began in 1959, under a repatriation campaign for Zainichi Koreans sponsored by ethnic activist organisation and de facto North Korean embassy ________.
Korean diasporaChongryonMindanKorean language

Question 3: Japanese people in North Korea consist mainly of four groups: prisoners-of-war in the Soviet Union, Japanese accompanying repatriating ________ spouses, defectors, and kidnapping victims.
Korean diasporaKoreans in JapanSakhalin KoreansKoryo-saram

Question 4: In 2003, Kazumi Kitagawa, a Japanese citizen and former member of ________, jumped overboard from a Chinese tourist boat on the Yalu River and swam to North Korea where she requested asylum.
Aum ShinrikyoShoko AsaharaSarin gas attack on the Tokyo subwayIkuo Hayashi

Question 5: [1] The earliest and largest post-war influx of Japanese to ________ was involuntary: 27,000 prisoners-of-war from the Soviet Union.
Korean People's NavyKorean PeninsulaNorth KoreaSouth Korea


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