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Question 1:
When was Isoroku Yamamoto born?

Question 2: Although the islands were already abundant with resources for hunting and dry-rice farming, Yayoi farmers created more productive wet-rice ________ systems.
South KoreaPhilippinesCambodiaPaddy field

Question 3: The Jōmon people were ________ hunter-gatherers, though at least one middle to late Jōmon site (Minami Mosote (南溝手 ?), ca.
Stone Age10th millennium BCMesolithic9th millennium BC

Question 4:

Question 5:
What is Satoshi Tajiri known for?
Creating the Poku00E9mon franchise
Creator and producer of the German krautrock band, Faust
Creator of JCB Brand
Creator of darcs

Question 6: The Japanese people (日本人 Nihonjin, Nipponjin ?) are the predominant ethnic group of ________.
CambodiaJapanCanadaUnited Kingdom

Question 7:
What was Tadanobu Asano's birth name?
Yaasir Hartzenberg
Robert Keen
Louise Dresser Keaton
Tadanobu Sato

Question 8: There is also a small group of Japanese descendants living in Caribbean countries such as ________ and the Dominican Republic where hundreds of these immigrants were brought in by Rafael L. Trujillo in the 1930s.

Question 9: The term "Japanese people" may also be used in some contexts to refer to a locus of ethnic groups including the Yamato people, ________, and Ryukyuans.
Haplogroup C3 (Y-DNA)Ethnic issues in JapanAinu peopleRussia

Question 10:
When is Takeshi Kaneshiro's birthday?

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