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Question 1: The military were considered politically "clean" in terms of ________, and assumed responsibility for 'restoring' the security of the nation, too.
CubaSyriaDemocracyPolitical corruption

Question 2: An extended debate ensued, resolved in the end by the stern experience of Japan's armed conflicts with the ________ in 1938-39.
Soviet UnionRussiaJoseph StalinEast Germany

Question 3: Violent coups took place, and the ________ made, in effect unilaterally, the decision to invade Manchuria.
Kwantung ArmySecond Sino-Japanese WarJapanese war crimesUnit 731

Question 4: Government policies also laid the basis of later industrialist empires known as the ________.
ZaibatsuKeiretsuNomura GroupSumitomo Group

Question 5: The radio transmitted in English, Dutch, three ________, Malay, Thai, as well Japanese to Southeast Asia; and the Islamic world had programs broadcast in Hindi, Burmese, Arabic, English and French.
Hakka (language)Spoken ChineseCantonese (Yue)Chinese language

Question 6: This tipped the balance towards the 'South' plan, and the Pearl Harbor attack that precipitated the ________ in 1941.
Second Sino-Japanese WarWorld War IIPacific WarGuadalcanal Campaign

Question 7: Other nationalist-rightist groups in the 1920s were the Jinmu Kai (________ Society), Tenketo Kai (Heaven Spade Party), Ketsumeidan (Blood Fraternity) and Sakura Kai (Cherry Blossom Society) .
Emperor KaikaEmperor ItokuEmperor JimmuEmperor Annei

Question 8: From this period, the ________ was converted into a center of the new patriotic sense.
Controversies surrounding Yasukuni ShrineJapanese war crimesYasukuni ShrineJapan

Question 9: He proposed a military coup d'état to promote the supposed true aims of the ________.
BakumatsuMeiji RestorationMeiji periodEdo period

Question 10: ________ Company Ed, 1929.
Lüshunkou DistrictSouth Manchuria RailwayShandong AirlinesChina National Highways

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