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Question 1:

Question 2:
Who of the following spoke at the Japanese language?

Question 3: The Ryūkyūan languages, spoken in Okinawa and ________ that are politically part of Kagoshima, are distinct enough to be considered a separate branch of the Japonic family.
Ryūkyū KingdomRyukyu IslandsAmami IslandsJapan

Question 4: no for the ________, or nominalizing phrases.
Accusative caseGrammatical caseGenitive caseVocative case

Question 5: ________, like hiragana, are a syllabary; katakana are primarily used to write foreign words, plant and animal names, and for emphasis.
Man'yōganaChinese characterKanjiKatakana

Question 6: This began with borrowings from Portuguese in the 16th century, followed by borrowing from Dutch during Japan's long isolation of the ________.
Tokugawa shogunateTokugawa YoshinobuEdo periodBakumatsu

Question 7: Most ________ in the Japanese language may be made polite by the addition of o- or go- as a prefix.
AdjectivePreposition and postpositionNounArticle (grammar)

Question 8: The grammatical function of nouns is indicated by ________, also called particles.
Preposition and postpositionCopula (linguistics)VerbInfinitive

Question 9: Japanese words and words derived from Japanese in other languages at ________, Wikipedia's sibling project

Question 10: By this time, the Japanese language was already distinct from the ________.
Okinawa PrefectureJapanese dialectsRyukyuan languagesAmami Islands

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