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Japanese bondage: Quiz


Question 1: Kinbaku/shibari is greatly influenced by the ________ of Japan.
Oda NobunagaSengoku periodEmperor ŌgimachiTokugawa Ieyasu

Question 2: In recent years, shibari has become popular in the Western ________ scene in its own right and has also profoundly influenced bondage, combining to produce many 'fusion' styles.
Human sexualityProstitutionBDSMErotic spanking

Question 3: Japanese bondage techniques use natural vegetable fiber rope (________, jute, or linen) exclusively.

Question 4: The rope material is usually ________ (neither sisal nor manila hemp are usually useful), prepared according to specific techniques to achieve a pleasantly soft yet sturdy rope.

Question 5: Cotton was used early on, then nylon became popular in the 1980s or 1990s, followed by multi-filament ________ (MFP) ropes.
PlasticPolystyrenePolyethylene terephthalatePolypropylene

Question 6: ________, a common feature of Japanese bondage
SadomasochismBDSMBondage (sexual)Animal roleplay

Question 7: According to several sources[citation needed], bondage as a sexual activity first came to notice in Japan in the late ________.
BakumatsuTokugawa YoshinobuTokugawa shogunateEdo period

Question 8: The hishi has been popularized by ________, or cartoon, art.
YaoiShōjo mangaManga outside JapanManga

Question 9: The ________ of the bound person's position are also important: in particular, Japanese bondage is distinguished by its use of specific katas (forms) and aesthetic rules.
Applied aestheticsArthur SchopenhauerAestheticsDavid Hume

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