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Question 1: [9] Articles on sensitive topics, such as Japan's ________ war crimes and current territorial disputes, are almost always under lengthy protection.
Second Sino-Japanese WarWorld War IISoviet occupationsCollaboration with the Axis Powers during World War II

Question 2: Given that accomplishment, ________ Japan posted a story about the Japanese Wikipedia.
SlashdotApple Inc.Rob MaldaFark

Question 3: Nobuo Ikeda, a known public policy academic and media critic in Japan, has suggested an ongoing ________-ization phenomenon on the Japanese Wikipedia.
2channelImageboard4chan2channel Shift JIS art

Question 4: An edit is kept only if it is legal under both Japanese and ________ laws, to account for the fact that the vast majority of contributors live in Japan.
PhilippinesUnited StatesAlaskaCanada

Question 5: The first article was named "Nihongo no Funimekusu" (though incorrect, it was probably intended to mean onso taikei (音素体系, ________) and was written entirely in romaji.
International Phonetic AlphabetEnglish phonologyPhonologyIrish phonology

Question 6: Because of this exposure, a variety of articles started to appear, among them physics, ________, Information Technology, literature, music, games, manga, and celebrities.

Question 7: Articles will be deleted if they contain the names of private ________, unless they are public figures.
Honorary Canadian citizenshipCitizenshipAncient GreeceLaw

Question 8: Japanese Wikipedia (ウィキペディア日本語版 Wikipedia Nihongo-ban?, literally "Wikipedia: Japanese language version") is the ________ edition of Wikipedia, a free, open-content encyclopedia.
Japanese languageLate Middle JapaneseOld JapaneseEarly Middle Japanese

Question 9: [2] The original site address of the Japanese Wikipedia was and all pages were written in the ________ or romaji, as the software did not work with Japanese characters at the time.
Phoenician alphabetArabic alphabetLatin alphabetRunic alphabet

Question 10: Articles and media files which do not have a ________-compatible license are prohibited, even if they would be legal under the "fair use" doctrine in the US.
GNU Lesser General Public LicenseFree Software FoundationGNU General Public LicenseGNU Free Documentation License


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