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Japanese New Wave: Quiz


Question 1: In the wake of Kanto Wanderer, Suzuki's developing sense of style grew ever more ________:
Color FieldDadaSurrealismAbstract expressionism

Question 2: Yet, I don't want to attack ________.
DemocracyJürgen HabermasPolitical philosophySociety

Question 3: The term was first coined within the studios (and in the media) as a Japanese version of the ________ movement[2].
François TruffautBreathless (1960 film)Cléo from 5 to 7French New Wave

Question 4: After completing Summer Soldiers in 1971, Teshigahara would not make another film for 12 years, re-emerging with a minimalistic documentary about architect ________.
Park GüellAntoni GaudíSagrada FamíliaBarcelona

Question 5: Directors initially associated with the Japanese New Wave included Susumu Hani, Hiroshi Teshigahara, Yasuzo Masumura, Masahiro Shinoda, ________ and Shohei Imamura.
Merry Christmas, Mr. LawrenceNagisa OshimaTakeshi KitanoAkira Kurosawa

Question 6: One Japanese filmmaker who did emerge from a background akin to his French colleagues was ________, who had been a leftist activist and an analytical film critic before being hired by a studio.
Merry Christmas, Mr. LawrenceTakeshi KitanoNagisa OshimaAkira Kurosawa

Question 7: The Japanese New Wave, or Nuberu bagu (ヌーベルバーグ ?, ; from the French nouvelle vague), is the term for a group of Japanese ________ emerging from the late 1950s through the early 1970s.
Pre-productionSound designFilm editingFilm director

Question 8: Hani moved into feature filmmaking from an earlier career in ________, and favored non-actors and improvisation when possible.
Direct CinemaPolitical cinemaCinéma véritéDocumentary film

Question 9: Certain other filmmakers who had already launched careers - ________, Ko Nakahira and Kaneto Shindo also came to be occasionally associated with the movement[4].
Seijun SuzukiKanto WandererZigeunerweisen (film)Branded to Kill

Question 10: Alongside ________, Shohei Imamura became one of the more famous of the Japanese New Wave filmmakers.
Takeshi KitanoAkira KurosawaMerry Christmas, Mr. LawrenceNagisa Oshima


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