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Question 1: The Japanese Instrument of Surrender was the written agreement that enabled the ________, marking the end of World War II.
Comfort womenAtomic bombings of Hiroshima and NagasakiSurrender of JapanUnit 731

Question 2: Lieutenant General Jonathan Mayhew Wainwright IV, who had surrendered the Philippines, and British Lieutenant General ________, who had surrendered Singapore, received two of the six pens they used to sign the instrument.
World War IIArthur PercivalBritish EmpirePacific War

Question 3: ________ Hsu Yung-Ch'ang for the Republic of China (9:13 a.m.).
Military rankGeneral officerSecond LieutenantBrigadier General

Question 4: ________
Commonwealth of Australia Representative
Leslie MorsheadThomas BlameySydney RowellIven Giffard Mackay

Question 5: Military Academy at ________, and one to his aide.
United States Naval AcademyUnited States Air Force AcademyUnited States Military AcademyUnited States Merchant Marine Academy

Question 6: ________
Provisional Government of the French Republic Representative
Free French ForcesPhilippe Leclerc de HauteclocqueWorld War IICharles de Gaulle

Question 7: General of the Army ________, Commander in the Southwest Pacific and Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers, also signed (9:08 a.m.).
John J. PershingGeorge MarshallDwight D. EisenhowerDouglas MacArthur

Question 8: A commonly heard story is that one of the flags had flown over the White House on the day ________ was attacked.
USS Arizona MemorialPearl HarborUSS Missouri (BB-63)United States Navy

Question 9: MacArthur was a direct descendant of the ________ Perry family and cousin of Commodore Matthew Perry.
Midwestern United StatesSouthern United StatesNew EnglandNortheastern United States

Question 10: Fleet Admiral ________ for the United States (9:12 a.m.).
Chester W. NimitzUnited States NavyUnited States Navy officer rank insigniaUnited States Naval Academy


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