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Question 1: Hapa ________ won the decathlon gold medal in the 2008 Olympics, the silver medal in the 2004 Olympics, and was the sport's 2005 world champion.
Dan O'BrienBruce JennerBryan ClayRoman Šebrle

Question 2: Initially, there was an immigrant generation, the ________, and their U.S.-born children, the Nisei Japanese American.
IsseiJapanese diasporaSanseiYonsei (fourth-generation Nikkei)

Question 3: Institutional and interpersonal racism led many of the Nisei to marry other Nisei, resulting in a third distinct generation of Japanese Americans, the ________.
Yonsei (fourth-generation Nikkei)IsseiSanseiJapanese diaspora

Question 4: For example, one of the most popular community festivals is the annual ________, which occurs in the summer, and provides an opportunity to reconnect with their customs and traditions and to pass these traditions and customs to the young.
Ghost FestivalMalaysiaTokyoBon Festival

Question 5: Masi Oka plays a prominent role in the NBC series Heroes, Grant Imahara appears on the ________ series MythBusters and Derek Mio appears in the NBC series Day One.
Discovery Channel (South East Asian TV channel)Science ChannelTLC (TV channel)Discovery Channel

Question 6: ________, note Sakura Square
Phoenix, ArizonaBostonDenverColorado Springs, Colorado

Question 7: 1998, Chris Tashima becomes the first Japanese American (American-born) actor to win an ________ (Visas and Virtue).
Academy Award for Best DirectorAcademy Award for Best PictureAcademy Award for Best ActorAcademy Award

Question 8: Army 100th Battalion merges with the all-volunteer Japanese American ________.
100th Infantry Battalion (United States)442nd Infantry Regiment (United States)HawaiiNisei

Question 9: Photo Exhibit of Japanese American community in ________
North CarolinaMassachusettsNew JerseyFlorida

Question 10: 1902, ________ publishes the The American Diary of a Japanese Girl, the first Japanese American novel.
Yone NoguchiEdwin MarkhamImagismEzra Pound

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