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Question 1: ________, Japan's colonial period (1867-1945)
Empire of JapanImperial Japanese NavyShōwa periodImperial Japanese Army

Question 2: ________, the ethnic group that identifies with Japan through culture or ancestry
Japanese diasporaJapanese BrazilianJapanese peopleJapanese American

Question 3: ________, consisting of kanji and kana
Japanese languageJapanese writing systemKatakanaChinese character

Question 4: Japanese refers to anything that originates in ________, an island country in East Asia.
JapanCanadaUnited KingdomCambodia

Question 5: ________, Japanese emigrants and their descendants around the world
SanseiJapanese peopleJapanese diasporaIssei

Question 6: ________, a Japonic language spoken mainly in Japan
Japanese languageKanjiLate Middle JapaneseOld Japanese

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