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Japan – United States relations: Quiz


Question 1: In 1610, ________ traveled to the Americas with 20 other Japanese representatives aboard a Japanese-made ship, the San Buena Ventura.
Red seal shipsNanban tradeHasekura TsunenagaTanaka Shōsuke

Question 2: The Japan Coast Guard and ________ have also performed joint exercises together.
United States armed forcesUnited States NavyUnited States Coast GuardUnited States Marine Corps

Question 3: In 1852, Perry embarked from Norfolk, Virginia, for ________, in command of a squadron that would negotiate a Japanese trade treaty.
United KingdomCanadaJapanCambodia

Question 4:
What type is thing is Surrender of Japan?
Adult Female/Closed Category
Art Museum

Question 5:
Who is the governor of Okinawa Prefecture?

Question 6:
What type is thing is Mitsubishi F-2?
Multirole fighter

Question 7: In 1848, Captain James Glynn sailed to Nagasaki, which lead to the first successful negotiation by an American with ________ Japan.
SakokuJapan – United Kingdom relationsJapan – United States relationsNanban trade

Question 8: In the spring of 1989, Japan was named as an unfair trading partner under this provision and three areas—forest products, telecommunications satellites, and ________—were selected for negotiations.
Cluster (computing)Parallel computingSupercomputerVector processor

Question 9:
When the ________ enacted the sakoku laws in 1650, almost all foreign trade ended in Japan; only the Dutch, the Ryūkyūans, the Koreans, and the Chinese were allowed into the country, and only on a limited scale.
Tokugawa YoshinobuEdo periodBakumatsuTokugawa shogunate

Question 10: In June 1968, the United States returned the ________ (including Iwo Jima) to Japanese administration control.
TokyoOgasawara SubprefectureBonin IslandsOgasawara, Tokyo


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