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Question 1: Large numbers of men and women were sent to the interior of Russia and to ________, Urals and other sections.
CaucasusEuropeAsiaGeorgia (country)

Question 2: ________, Memoirs of a Revolutionist & Co., 1899, pp.
Nestor MakhnoHarry Kelly (anarchist)Peter KropotkinMikhail Bakunin

Question 3: ________, Polish playwright and father of Joseph Conrad.
Russian EmpireApollo KorzeniowskiPolandWarsaw

Question 4: After series of patriotic riots, the Russian ________ of Tsar Alexander II, General Karl Lambert, introduced martial law in Poland on 14 October 1861.
ViceroySpanish EmpireAudienciaPortugal

Question 5: [1] Whole villages and towns were burned down; all activities were suspended and the ________ was ruined by confiscation and exorbitant taxes.
Lithuanian nobilityKhmelnytsky UprisingSzlachtaPolish–Lithuanian Commonwealth

Question 6: Chopin had left Warsaw and Poland forever shortly before the outbreak of the ________.
Kościuszko UprisingNovember UprisingJanuary UprisingBar Confederation

Question 7: Inspired with ideas of ________, Karl Marx, Mikhail Bakunin and others peasants and students started organizing manifestations.
Giuseppe GaribaldiItalyItalian unificationRome

Question 8: In Guy de Maupassant's novel Pierre et Jean, the protagonist Pierre has a friend, an old Polish chemist that is said to come to ________ after the bloody events in his motherland.
FranceUnited KingdomItalyCanada

Question 9: Saint ________, born Joseph Kalinowski in Lithuania, resigned as a Captain from the Russian Army to become Minister of War for the Polish insurgents.
Raphael KalinowskiVilniusPope John Paul IIKraków

Question 10: It began January 22, 1863, and lasted until the last ________ were captured in 1865.


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