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Question 1: [1] Several propositions supported by Jansenists, in particular concerning the relationship between human's free will and "efficacious grace", were condemned by the ________, and the movement thus deemed heretical.
Catholic ChurchPope John Paul IIPope Benedict XVIPope

Question 2: As the wealthier of the two, du Vergier served as Jansen’s patron for a number of years, getting Jansen a job as a tutor in ________ in 1606.
Évry, EssonneVersaillesMarseilleParis

Question 3: ________, who endorsed frequent communion, as long as the communicant was free of mortal sin, in the early 1900s.
Pope John Paul IIPope Benedict XVIPope Pius XPope Pius IX

Question 4: In 1703, Quesnel was imprisoned by Humbertus Guilielmus de Precipiano, Archbishop of Mechelen, but escaped several months later and lived in ________ for the remainder of his life.

Question 5: Volume I described the history of ________ and Augustine's battle against it and against Semipelagianism.
VulgateThomas AquinasPelagianismCatholic Church

Question 6: Then Jesuits attacked the Jansenists, claiming they were guilty of heresy similar to that of the ________.
CalvinismCovenant theologyProtestant ReformationArminianism

Question 7: Eleven of the bishops opposed this move, and asked the pope to appoint a commission similar to the ________ to resolve the situation.
Pope Clement VIIICongregatio de AuxiliisTomas de LemosJansenism

Question 8: In response, Arnauld wrote Théologie morale des Jésuites (Moral Theology of the Jesuits), which was the basis of most of the arguments later used by Pascal in his ________ denouncing the "relaxed morality" of Jesuitism.
JansenismAntoine ArnauldCasuistryLettres provinciales

Question 9: Jansen returned to the Catholic University of Leuven, where he completed his doctorate in 1619 and was named professor for ________.

Question 10: In the assembly, 85 of the French bishops voted to refer the matter to ________.
Pope Innocent XPope Urban VIIIPope Alexander VIIPope Clement X


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