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Question 1: Jane Toppan (1854 - 1938), born Honora Kelley, was an American ________ and female lust murderer.
Internet homicideSerial killerLonely hearts killerTorture murder

Question 2:
When did Jane Toppan die?

Question 3:
What was Jane Toppan's birth name?
Honora Kelley
Robert Keen
George Dyer Weaver

Question 4: She then began a career as a private nurse, which flourished despite complaints of petty ________.

Question 5: She was nevertheless recommended for the prestigious ________ in 1889; there, she claimed several more victims before being fired the following year.
Massachusetts General HospitalBeacon Hill, BostonEther DomeBrigham and Women's Hospital

Question 6: She briefly returned to Cambridge, but was soon dismissed for prescribing ________ recklessly.

Question 7: During her residency, she used her patients as guinea pigs in experiments with morphine and ________; she would alter their prescribed dosages to see what it did to their nervous systems.
HyoscyamineDicycloverineAtropineMuscarinic antagonist

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