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  • the Amar Mahal Palace (pictured) in Jammu, India, built by a French architect on the lines of a chateau for Raja Amar Singh, is now run as a museum by the Hari-Tara charitable trust?
  • Bahu Fort in Jammu, India, originally built by Raja Bahulochan some 3,000 years ago, was refurbished by the Dogra rulers in the 19th century?

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Question 1: An ancient holy place, it has several temples of ________ and other deities.

Question 2: Jammu's historic monuments feature a unique blend of Islamic and ________ architecture styles.

Question 3: Once a seat of the ________ Rajput dynasty, Jammu came under the control of Maharaja Ranjit Singh Ji in the 19 century and became a part of the Sikh Empire.
DograBais RajputRorJamwal

Question 4: At the end of the cave are shrines dedicated to the three forms of the mother goddess— Mahakali, ________ and Mahasarasvati.

Question 5: Jammu's beautiful natural landscape has made it one of the most famous destinations for adventure tourism [6][6] in ________.
Punjabi languageBrāhmī scriptSouth AsiaIndia

Question 6: Remains from the Maurya, ________, Kushanshahs and Gupta periods have also been found in Jammu.
Kushan EmpireMaurya EmpireChola DynastyPala Empire

Question 7: Peer Kho cave is located on the bank of river Tawi and it is widely believed that ________ character Jamvant (the bear god) meditated in this cave.
HanumanSundara KandaRamayanaSita

Question 8: Situated 62 km from Jammu, Mansar Lake is a beautiful ________ fringed by forest-covered hills, over a mile in length by half-a-mile in width.
Great LakesEndorheic basinLakeVolcano

Question 9: The present temple of Bawey Wali Mata was built shortly after the coronation of ________, in 1822.
DograGulab Singh of Jammu and KashmirThe Royal House of Jammu and KashmirKashmir

Question 10: On Shivratri the town wears a festive look for three days as people celebrate the marriage of Lord Shiva to Goddess ________.


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