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Jamie Baldwin: Quiz


Question 1: In the ________ 2007, Rupert Hill was in the top category for the 'sexiest male', but Rob James-Collier (Liam Connor) won the award.
Peggy MitchellCoronation StreetEastEndersThe British Soap Awards

Question 2: He was initially planned to be arrested upon arriving, after beating Frankie's ex-lover, he was also planned to have a relationship with ________.
WeatherfieldNick TilsleyJanice BattersbyLeanne Battersby

Question 3: However, on New Year's Eve, Frankie changed her mind and left ________.
WeatherfieldLeanne BattersbyCoronation Street timelineCoronation Street

Question 4: Frank "Frankie" Baldwin | Mike Baldwin | Danny Baldwin | Jamie Baldwin | ________ | Mark Redman | Adam Barlow
List of past Coronation Street characters (2000-)Coronation Street timelineList of past Coronation Street charactersList of past Coronation Street characters (1970–1979)

Question 5: Jamie begun a relationship with Violet Wilson, following her split from ________, who had had an affair with Sarah Platt.
Jason GrimshawSarah-Louise GrimshawCoronation Street timelineNick Tilsley

Question 6: Spouses: ________ | Alma Baldwin | Susan Barlow | Linda Baldwin | Carol Baldwin | Frankie Baldwin | Violet Wilson
List of minor Coronation Street characters (2008)List of minor Coronation Street characters (2009)List of minor Coronation Street characters (2007)List of minor Coronation Street characters (2005)

Question 7: He started dating ________, but left her briefly for Maria Sutherland, then got back together.
Leanne BattersbyJanice BattersbyWeatherfieldNick Tilsley

Question 8: James Andrew "Jamie" Baldwin is a fictional character on the British soap opera ________, played by Rupert Hill.
WeatherfieldCoronation Street VHS and DVD releasesCoronation Street timelineCoronation Street


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