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James Joseph Sylvester: Quiz


Question 1: ________. Retrieved 2008-07-08.
University of St AndrewsUniversity of OxfordUniversity of GlasgowUniversity of Cambridge

Question 2: On his return to England he studied law, alongside fellow British lawyer/mathematician ________, with whom he made significant contributions to matrix theory while working as an actuary.
Augustus De MorganIsaac NewtonArthur CayleyJames Joseph Sylvester

Question 3:
James Joseph Sylvester, Emmy Noether and Emanuel Lasker are all:
Algebraists People associated with University College London American mathematicians Alumni of St John%27s College, Cambridge

Question 4: In 1877 Sylvester again crossed the ________ to become the inaugural professor of mathematics at the new Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland.
Atlantic OceanArctic OceanPacific OceanIndian Ocean

Question 5: James adopted the surname Sylvester when his older brother did so upon emigration to the ________—a country which at that time required all immigrants to have a given name, a middle name, and a surname.
CanadaUnited StatesPhilippinesAlaska

Question 6:
James Joseph Sylvester, Daniel Radcliffe and Roman Abramovich are all:
Savilian Professors of Geometry British Jews Alumni of St John%27s College, Cambridge Number theorists

Question 7: However, Sylvester was not issued a degree, because graduates at that time were required to state their acceptance of the Thirty-Nine Articles of the ________, and Sylvester, being Jewish refused to do so.
Archbishop of YorkBishop of LincolnArchbishop of CanterburyChurch of England

Question 8:
James Joseph Sylvester, Jeremy Bentham and Francis Crick are all:
British Jews Number theorists People associated with University College London Recipients of the Copley Medal

Question 9:
James Joseph Sylvester, Albert Einstein and Carl Sagan are all:
Jewish American scientists British actuaries Algebraists Alumni of St John%27s College, Cambridge

Question 10:
James Joseph Sylvester, Stephen Hawking and Benjamin Franklin are all:
British actuaries Recipients of the Copley Medal Number theorists Algebraists


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