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Question 1: [65] The King's judges—most notably, George Jeffreys—condemned many of the rebels to transportation and indentured servitude in the ________ in a series of trials that came to be known as the Bloody Assizes.
Latin AmericaNorth AmericaAmericasCaribbean

Question 2:
How is James II of England described?
A Saint, priest and abbot who preached across Ireland and Scotland.
Prince of Orange, King of England and Ireland
King of England, King of Ireland, King of Scotland
Scottish lawyer and judge, and Solicitor General for Scotland

Question 3: [133] These modern authors moved away from the school of thought that preached inevitability of the ________ and the continuous march of progress and democracy.
Magna CartaMonarchGlorious RevolutionEngland

Question 4:
When was James II of England born?
c. 1633

Question 5:
When did James II of England die?

Question 6:
When was the James II of England?
June 2009

Question 7:

Question 8: [9] When the city surrendered after the ________ in 1646, Parliamentary leaders ordered the Duke of York to be confined in St. James's Palace.
Battle of NasebySiege of OxfordFirst English Civil WarBattle of Cropredy Bridge

Question 9:
Which of the following titles did James II of England have?
The Heir Up There
Heir to the Chandler fortune
Heir to the Scottish throne'''
as heir presumptive

Question 10:

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