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James Hepburn, 4th Earl of Bothwell: Quiz


Question 1: Bothwell was one of those accused of his ________.

Question 2: King Frederick II of Denmark at first treated Bothwell with respect but later sent him to the notorious Dragsholm Castle, ________, where he was held in what was said to be appalling conditions.

Question 3: Bothwell appears to have met Queen Mary I when he visited the French Court in the autumn of 1560, after he left Anna Rustung in ________.
BelgiumFlandersSouthern NetherlandsLille

Question 4: Sir William Drury reported to Sir William Cecil, Secretary of State to Queen Elizabeth I of ________, that "the judgement of the people" was that Mary would marry Bothwell.
ScotlandUnited KingdomEnglandWales

Question 5: He is best known for his association with and subsequent marriage to ________, as her third husband.
James V of ScotlandMary, Queen of ScotsJames I of EnglandJames II of England

Question 6: He assured her that danger awaited her in Edinburgh, and told her that he proposed to take her to his castle at ________, out of harm's way.
PrestonpansNorth BerwickHaddington, East LothianDunbar


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