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Question 1: [2] He studied at the University of Chicago and Indiana University and subsequently worked at the University of Cambridge's Cavendish Laboratory in England where he first met his future collaborator and personal friend ________.
Marshall Warren NirenbergMaurice WilkinsJames D. WatsonFrancis Crick

Question 2:

Question 3:
When was James D. Watson born?

Question 4:
What is James D. Watson known for?

Question 5:
How is James D. Watson described?
Professional footballer
Inuit chief
molecular biologist,
Australian actor and comedian

Question 6:
When is James D. Watson's birthday?

Question 7: Watson has repeatedly supported genetic screening and ________ in public lectures and interviews, arguing that stupidity is a disease and the "really stupid" bottom 10% of people should be cured.
GeneticsDNARNAGenetic engineering

Question 8: ________[45]
Nobel Prize in Physiology or MedicineBarbara McClintockSalvador LuriaStanley Cohen (biochemist)

Question 9: According to one critic, unprotected by ________ laws, Watson's portrayal of Franklin in The Double Helix was negative, giving the appearance that she was Wilkins' assistant and was unable to interpret her own DNA data.
Fair commentDefamationHazingFalse light

Question 10:
What is the nationality of James D. Watson?

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