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James Bowie: Quiz


Question 1:
What is James Bowie's nickname?
The Rock
Pond Settlement
Jim Bowie

Question 2:
Where was James Bowie born?
Newport Barracks, Kentucky
Louisville, Kentucky
Logan County, Kentucky
Saluda County, South Carolina

Question 3:
Where did James Bowie die?
Fort Defiance, Texas
The Alamo, San Antonio, Republic of Texas
Amarillo, Texas
Harris County, Texas, USA

Question 4: McKinney, one of the ________ colonists.
Old Three HundredStephen F. AustinTexasMexican Texas

Question 5:
Which of the following units was James Bowie a part of?
Union Army 1861-1865
Texian volunteer army
Fourth Army
Soviet Red Army

Question 6: [47] To fulfill his promise, Bowie entered into partnership with Veramendi to build cotton and wool mills in ________.
CoahuilaAllende, CoahuilaSaltilloPiedras Negras, Coahuila

Question 7:
What is James Bowie also known as?
Kid Krush, Tazmaniac, Taz, Tazz
Baird, David; Baird, Sir David, Second Baronet
Bowie, Jim
Warner, Carol Ann

Question 8:
What branch is the James Bowie in?
British India
Regular Army
Jaegers, Aerial Service
Texas Rangers, Republic of Texas Militia

Question 9:
How is James Bowie described?
United States soldier and pioneer
pioneer, soldier
German aviation pioneer
American pioneer of autism research

Question 10:
What or what did James Bowie swear allegiance to?
State of New York
United States of America
, United States Women's Army Auxiliary Corps
Chief of State of Vietnam


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