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Question 1: During this time he met Voltaire and ________ and made a pilgrimage to Rome.
Gottfried LeibnizJean-Jacques RousseauJohn LockeImmanuel Kant

Question 2:
What is James Boswell also known as?
McCauley, Rosa Louise
Singh, Thoudam Damodara, Dr.
Grills, Leo
9th Laird of Auchinleck

Question 3:
What did James Boswell do for a living?

Question 4:
Where did James Boswell die?

Question 5:
Where was James Boswell born?

Question 6:
How is James Boswell described?
Chief of British Naval Intelligence for the Mediterranean, 1913-1919
Australian actor and comedian
Scottish Lawyer, Diarist, Author
Australian politician.

Question 7:
When was James Boswell born?

Question 8:
When did James Boswell die?

Question 9: His journals also record meetings and conversations with eminent individuals belonging to The Club, including Lord Monboddo, ________, Edmund Burke, Joshua Reynolds and Oliver Goldsmith.
David GarrickSamuel FooteCharles BurneySamuel Johnson

Question 10: She remained faithful to Boswell, despite his frequent liaisons with prostitutes, until her death of ________ in 1789.
LeprosyAnthraxPathogenic bacteriaTuberculosis

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