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James Bay: Quiz


Question 1: Power is also exported to the ________ via a direct transmission high voltage line.
United StatesPhilippinesAlaskaCanada

Question 2: A proposed development project, the ________, centres on constructing a large dike to separate southern James Bay from Hudson Bay.
Churchill River (Hudson Bay)Ogoki RiverGreat Recycling and Northern Development CanalSaint John, New Brunswick

Question 3: The James Bay watershed is the site of several major ________ projects, and is also a destination for river-based recreation.
HydroelectricityPumped-storage hydroelectricityWind powerCoal

Question 4: James Bay (French: Baie James) is a large body of water on the southern end of Hudson Bay in ________.
United KingdomUnited StatesCanadaBarbados

Question 5: The eastern shores of the bay form the western edge of the ________ in Quebec.
Appalachian MountainsInterior PlateauColumbia MountainsCanadian Shield

Question 6: The bay first came to the attention of Europeans in 1610, when ________ entered it during his exploration of the larger bay that bears his name.
Arctic OceanNew York CityHenry HudsonNew Netherland

Question 7: Since 1971, the government of Quebec has built ________ on rivers in the James Bay watershed, notably La Grande and Eastmain rivers.
HydroelectricityCoalWind powerPumped-storage hydroelectricity

Question 8: Both bodies of water extend from the ________.
Pacific OceanIndian OceanAtlantic OceanArctic Ocean

Question 9: James Bay borders the provinces of Quebec and Ontario; islands within the bay (the largest of which is Akimiski Island) are part of ________.
Newfoundland and LabradorNunavutNorthwest TerritoriesInuit

Question 10: Several communities are located near or alongside James Bay, including a number of Aboriginal communities such as the ________ and nine communities affiliated with the Crees of northern Quebec.
Fort Albany, OntarioDeer Lake First NationKashechewan First NationAttawapiskat First Nation


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