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Jamaican English: Quiz


Question 1: Jamaican Standard English is grammatically similar to British Standard English (see ________).
American EnglishCanadian EnglishBritish EnglishEnglish language

Question 2: ________ can also be metaphoric (e.g., a Standard-dominant speaker switching to a lower variety for humoristic purposes, or to express solidarity).
Code-switchingVariety (linguistics)Morphology (linguistics)Language contact

Question 3: Typically it uses British English spellings and often rejects ________ spellings.
English languageUnited StatesAmerican EnglishAlaska

Question 4: Jamaican Standard and ________ exist together in a post-creole speech continuum.
English languageBelizean CreoleVirgin Islands CreoleJamaican Patois

Question 5: It melds parts of both ________ and British English dialects.
American EnglishUnited StatesAlaskaEnglish language

Question 6: Merger of the diphthongs in "fair" and "fear" takes place both in Jamaican Standard and ________, resulting in those two words (and many others, like "bear" and "beer") becoming homophones.
English languageBelizean CreoleVirgin Islands CreoleJamaican Patois

Question 7: Jamaican English or Jamaican Standard English is a dialect of English spoken in ________.
Antigua and BarbudaBarbadosGrenadaJamaica

Question 8: the dropping of the "-r" in words like "water" (at the end of unstressed syllables) and "market" (before a ________); but not in words like "car" or "dare" (stressed syllables at the end of the word).
Alveolar consonantVelar consonantPalatal consonantConsonant

Question 9: Jamaican Standard pronunciation, while it differs greatly from Jamaican Patois pronunciation, is nevertheless recognizably ________.
Latin AmericaAmericasNorth AmericaCaribbean


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