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Jake Berenson: Quiz


Question 1: In the series, Tobias announces that Jake is the unofficial leader of the ________, a group of teenage guerillas at war with a covert alien invasion.
AnimorphsThe Pretender (Animorphs)The Change (Animorphs)The Arrival (Animorphs)

Question 2: He is also left with partial memory imprints of Temrash and his former hosts: a Gedd, a ________, and Tom (who is now host to another Yeerk).
AldreaCassie (Animorphs)Hork-BajirAndalite

Question 3: Jake Berenson is a fictional character and primary protagonist from the sci-fi book series ________, written by K. A. Applegate.
The Arrival (Animorphs)The Pretender (Animorphs)The Change (Animorphs)Animorphs

Question 4: Although he originally does not want the role, Jake changes his mind after he learns that his older brother Tom is among the Controllers, people infested by ________.
YeerkCassie (Animorphs)Aximili-Esgarrouth-IsthillAndalite

Question 5: A rift forms between them at the end of series due to Jake's depression, and his distrust of Cassie after she allows Tom to take the ________.
Escafil deviceJake BerensonAximili-Esgarrouth-IsthillCassie (Animorphs)

Question 6: ________: There is much mutual respect between Ax and Jake.
Marco (Animorphs)Cassie (Animorphs)Aximili-Esgarrouth-IsthillRachel (Animorphs)


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