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Jaina Solo: Quiz


Question 1: Jaina progresses quickly as a Jedi and a pilot, eventually joining ________.
ChewbaccaRogue SquadronStar Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes BackLuke Skywalker

Question 2: Not until the ________ (1995) do Jaina Solo and her friends become major characters.
Young Jedi KnightsPrincess Leia OrganaChewbaccaLuke Skywalker

Question 3: Jaina Solo is a fictional character from the Star Wars Expanded Universe, the eldest child of ________ and Leia Organa Solo.
Obi-Wan KenobiC-3POLuke SkywalkerHan Solo

Question 4: In Dark Apprentice, Jaina helps her brother defend their unconscious uncle from the spirit of Sith Lord ________.
Ulic Qel-DromaStar Wars Expanded UniverseExar KunLuke Skywalker

Question 5: The twins played a small role in ________'s Jedi Academy trilogy, and a larger supporting role in Vonda McIntyre's The Crystal Star.
James Robinson (comics)Kevin J. AndersonAlan MooreJess Nevins

Question 6: The characters of Jaina Solo and her twin brother Jacen were created by ________ for the novel The Last Command (1994).
Allegiance (novel)Timothy ZahnDark Force RisingThrawn trilogy


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