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Jain symbols: Quiz


Question 1: The three dots on the top symbolizes TRIRATNA (three jewels) – ________(right belief), SAMYAK GYAN (right knowledge), & SAMYAK CHARITRA (right conduct).
Dharma (Jainism)RatnatrayaDigambarJainism

Question 2: It also represents the four columns of the Jain Sangh (________): Sadhus, Sadhvis, Shravaks and Shravikas - monks, nuns, female and male laymen.
Social stratificationSociologySocial networkCommunity

Question 3: The symbol of hand in the lower portion shows fearlessness and symbolize the feeling of AHIMSA (________ ) towards all the creatures in this world.
PacifismAntimilitarismPeace movementNonviolence

Question 4: The circle in the middle of the hand symbolizes SAMASARA (________ cycle) and the 24 spokes represents the preaching from the 24 Tirthankars (enlightened souls), which can be used to liberate a soul from the cycle or reincarnation.

Question 5: Use of this emblem helps to create a ________ showing dedication and trust for the religion and the values that are represented by the emblem.
CultureFamilyHuman rightsSlavery

Question 6: In the top portion, four arms of SWASTIKA symbolizes the four GATI (destiny): NARAK (demon), TRIYANCH (animal), MANUSHYA (human) and DEV (________).
JesusMichael (archangel)ArchangelAngel

Question 7: It represents the perpetual nature of the universe in the MADHYALOK (material world), where a creature is destined to one of those states based on their ________ (deeds).

Question 8: Every creature in this world can become free from the cycle of ________.
Go ranks and ratingsLife and deathGo (game)Go proverb

Question 9: The meaning of the ________ at the bottom (PARSPAROGRAHO JIVANAM) is "Live and Let Live".
VajrayanaMantraBuddhism and HinduismBuddhism

Question 10: The upper portion indicates URDHAVA LOK (________), the middle portion indicates MADHYALOK (material world) and the lower portion indicates ADHOLOK (hell).

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