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Jahannam: Quiz


Question 1: According to the Qur'an only God knows who will go to Jahannam and who will go to ________.
Islamic eschatologyEnd timeMasih ad-DajjalJannah

Question 2: Those who ignored, or only pretended to believe in ________ remain in Jahannam after Qiyamat (Judgment Day).

Question 3: However, those who commit shirk, that is, the sin of ________, will be condemned to Jahannam for eternity.

Question 4: It has bitter thorned fruit, shaped like ________' heads, which the damned are compelled to eat to intensify their torment.
GodChristian teaching about the DevilSatanDevil

Question 5: Jahannam (Arabic: جهنم‎) is the ________ equivalent to Gei Hinnom, or hell.
Muslim historyMosqueIslamIslamic schools and branches


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