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Jagannath: Quiz


Question 1: Rath Yatra being observed in ________
KrishnarajapuraBangaloreBugle RockBengaluru Pete

Question 2: That is why Jagannath, ________ and Subhadra look like they do.

Question 3: It is strictly forbidden for non-________ to enter the Jaganatha temple.

Question 4: Jagannath is worshipped by ________ all over India.

Question 5: The mysterious carpenter was none other than ________, the heavenly architect.

Question 6: The ________ of Lord Jaganatha is so ancient that there is no accurate record of how long it has been going on.

Question 7: This form is worshiped by Vaishnavas as the abstract form of ________.
KrishnaVyasaBhagavad GitaBalarama

Question 8: She didn't see the brothers Krishna and ________ approaching.
VyasaBhagavad GitaBalaramaDurvasa

Question 9: It is from these huge ________ that the English word 'juggernaut' originates.
ChariotAncient history2nd millennium BCRatha

Question 10: The oldest and most famous Jagannath deity is in the city of Puri, in Orissa, India (the city is known to many as ________ after the Jagannath Temple) where each year the famous Rath Yatra festival takes place.


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