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Question 1: He was a good bishop, and especially distinguished himself by his efforts to appease the civil discords of Genoa among Guelfs and ________.
Lombard LeagueItalyGuelphs and GhibellinesFrederick II, Holy Roman Emperor

Question 2: He was provincial of ________ from 1267 till 1286, when he was removed at the meeting of the order in Paris.

Question 3: The saints' lives are full of fanciful ________, and in not a few cases contain accounts of 13th century miracles wrought at special places, particularly with reference to the Dominicans.
StorytellingLegendFairy taleFolklore

Question 4: The last chapter but one (181), "De Sancto Pelagio Papa," contains auniversal history from the point-of-view of ________, or Historia Lombardica (History of Lombardy"), from the middle of the 6th century.

Question 5: 1—5); (b) from Christmas to Septuagesima (6-30); (e) from Septuagesima to ________ (31-53); (d) from Easter Day to the octave of Pentecost (54-76); (e) from the octave of Pentecost to Advent (77-180).
ComputusLiturgical yearJesusEaster

Question 6: A Latin edition is assigned to about 1469; and a dated one was published at ________ in 1473.

Question 7: Jacobus was born in Varagine[2] (today Varazze), on the Ligurian coast between Savona and ________.

Question 8: The Golden Legend, one of the most popular religious works of the ________,[5] is a collection of the legendary lives of the greater saints of the medieval church.
High Middle AgesLate Middle AgesMiddle AgesEarly Middle Ages

Question 9: Venice, H75); a Czech one at Pilsen, 1475-1479, and at ________, 1495; Caxton's English versions, 1483, 1487, and 1493; and a German one in 1489.

Question 10: The preface divides the ecclesiastical year into four periods corresponding to the various epochs of the world's ________, a time of deviation, of renovation, of reconciliation and of pilgrimage.
PeriodizationHistoryGeologic time scaleCalendar


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